May Birchbox 2016 (UK)


I've been wanting to subscribe to a beauty box for awhile, I did my research and decided that Birchbox would be the best for me. So here's what I got in my box this month...

My first look
When I opened the parcel, this was the box. I LOVE the colours and the designs. When I found out that the top of the box was similar to a 'scratch card' I was so excited! But...
I was a bit disappointed, It doesn't scratch off very well at all! I had to press down a lot, which left ugly scratches all over my box, I decided to leave the left as it was. But I have to say, it's very clever. Also two very special boxes had a winning message hidden under the scratch coating, but unfortunately I didn't win a holiday.
On the top of the box, after opening it, there was a little booklet with information about all the different products, etc. the original price, how to use them, what it is.
As it is every month, all 5/6 products come in a little bag inside the box. This is what I got this month:

Spectrum- Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge

RRP- £4.99
WHAT- This is a sponge to apply your makeup. It can be used for liquid, mineral, or cream formulas. It is advised to dampen the sponge before use, and then to dab it on your face for perfectly blended makeup.
REVIEW- First of all, this sponge is amazing! I prefer to use this rather than my real techniques sponge. My first impressions weren't that good, when it's dry it's quite stiff and hard, but after it's dampened it's perfect. You can buy it here

LOC- One and Done shadow stick in Empress Me

RRP- £8
WHAT- This is an eyeshadow stick that's said to last on your eyes for 11 hours without creasing. It's waterproof, and the colour is beautiful. Apply it on your lids and blend with your finger for a smokey look- or use it as a liner.
REVIEW- I haven't used this on my eyes yet, but on my hand it didn't blend very well and was a bit dry. But the colour is beautiful, so I'll definitely give it a try. Buy it here

Beaver Professional- Hydro Nutritive Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner

RRP- £11.50 each
WHAT- This shampoo and conditioner is made to help repair damaged hair and hydrate. It contains avocado oil, and aloe vera.
REVIEW- I used these instantly, and I loved them. They made my hair so soft and silky. I would definitely buy these. Get them here: shampoo, conditioner

Caudalie- Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet

RRP- £23
WHAT- This is brimming with antioxidant-boosting benefits for your skin. It's a gel-cream formula to hydrate your skin, reduce redness, and instantly soothe skin.
REVIEW-I'm a big fan of this, it makes my skin soft after one use, and it definitely does what it says on the tube. I would 100% recomend. Buy it here.

Kueshi Foot Care Cream

RRP- £12
WHAT- This is a cream to make your feet smooth and soft. It;s enriched with sweet almond oil and royal jelly, as well as tea tree oil. Rub it on your feet and massage, every day and night.
REVIEW- This is one of my favourite products from this month's box, I applied it on my feet the night I got it, and woke up with the smoothest feet! It's amazing! Buy it here.

Givenchy- Live Irresistible Fragrance

RRP- from £44
WHAT-- This fragrance smells like flowers with a burst of fruity pineapple, before giving way to sweet-but-spicy rose and hints of amber.
REVIEW- This smells delicious! And I'm a very big fan of the cute little spray bottle! I'm thinking of buying this in full size. Buy it here.

Overall I liked this box a lot, It included nice products that I'll definitely use. But I wouldn't recommend this if you prefer makeup, rather than skincare. For just £10 (+£2.95 shipping)  a month, you definitely get what you paid for, so I recommend this to everyone out there.
Get it here-

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